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[[ Reading ]] ➻ Ask For It  Author Selena Blake – Sigilo.us
  • ebook
  • 218 pages
  • Ask For It
  • Selena Blake
  • English
  • 12 August 2017

Ask For It Trevor Wyatt Has Lusted For Journalist JJ Fairchild Since Before He Retired From The NFL Now She S Back In His Life And He S Not Going To Miss The Opportunity To Show Her Just How Good They Could Be Together.Words May Be JJ S Tool Of Trade, But When It Comes To The Bedroom, Words Escape Her Trevor S An Excellent Teacher And Before She Knows It, She S Asking For What She Wants.But When Outside Forces Threaten To Expose Dark Secrets From Trevor S Past, Can He Overcome His Suspicions And Trust The Woman In His Bed

An action movie buff with a penchant for all things supernatural and sexy, Selena Blake combines her love for adventure, travel and romance into steamy paranormal romance Selena s books have been called a steamy escape and have appeared on bestseller lists, been nominated for awards, and won contests When she s not writing you can find her by the pool soaking up some sun, day dreaming about ne

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    What a treat this was I can not begging to explain how happy I was to read a real love story where there wasn t any BDSM, or too much too fast intimacy or too na ve virgin female versus the cocky experienced male or an unrealistic plot This book is the opposite of all that, so no wonder I quite enjoyed it I got it in a book bundle and was surprised and amazed with the story The characters are believable, as is the plot and the way they get...

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    This is a story that will draw you from the minute you open the book but it will not let you go Nope, you will want to know about this awesome group of friends and their adventures through life This story, even though it is about a retired NFL player and most of us in our lives will never meet one much less date one, is written in a way that brings all the characters down to earth and into your heart Ms Blake has a way with her words that has you cheering on the characters as they embark on journey s they never saw themselves going on, facing challenges in their lives, but holding their hand during the heartbreak they go through.JJ, Julia to those closest to her, is damn good at what she does No matter who the subject of her story is, she makes sure to get the best story Being the best journalist in the sport industry makes her very sought after even if she does not believe that That is one reason why she goes by JJ to help her in the field She has had to deal with some big names in the industry, but one always stuck with her Trevor Wyatt He has starred in dreams than she cares to mention but she never lead on to anyone that she crushed on him Not ev...

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    Sweet Sexy Contemporary Romance Sometimes life gives you a second chance at love Have you ever really seriously liked someone but when they asked you out you said no time and time again Not because you didn t want to but because circumstances just weren t right Yet you never forgot that person And what if years later the opportunity arose again would you say yes this time Just read this book to find out what JJ s answer to that question is for that is how Ask For It begins.This is a really sweet contemporary romance with a family theme The main and supporting characters are very likeable and you soon become invested in all of them JJ and Trevor are the cutest sexy couple, they complement each other well and even though they never consummated any type of relationship in the past they thought of each other often and now in the present their fun begins In real life things are never easy, we all have the ghosts of our past traumas that we bring with us to any relationship and sometimes there are outside forces to be contended with JJ and Trevor do have theirs to deal with and they do so admirably and with much amusing banter and yes some tears.Trevor is strong, protective and such a sweetheart JJ being a sports journalist is tough in her profession but when it comes to the personal she s rather shy and not as vocal as she could be though when it comes to family and those she cares abou...

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    I have always been a devote reader of Selena Blake s paranormal romances, but I have now been introduced to a whole new side of this astounding author.A brilliantly written story about two deeply secretive people, who value their family, friends and privacy above all else, but are thrust into the public eye at every turn.The story is filled with so many elements mystery, suspense, devotion, suspicion, loyalty and passion, that it creates one of the best contemporary romances books I have ever r...

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    I loved these characters Trevor is not the typical jock we expect but a wounded yet caring man JJ is a woman with a lot going on in her life and when she has a chance run in with Trevor she takes the opportunity that she has been denying herself for years I enjoyed reading the ch...

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    Previously, I had only read Selena Blake s paranormal stories but this book she hit out of the park The characters were real in their presentation and reactions I loved how Trevor and Julia faced each new challenge with true to life and mature respon...

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    This book was hot, even with a HEA and a less than promiscuous heroine, I definitely will be reading from this authour I liked the style and the pace, the characters were wonderfully developed and three dimensional, and real in their actions and reaction...

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    By far, may FAVORITE Selena Blake book And Trevor SWOON the man was so GODDAMN SEXY AND SWEET at the same time LOVED,LOVED, LOVED IT

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    I saw the title of this story and couldn t say no because one of my favorite storybooks is by the same name I had a couple of firsts with this one This is my first Blake story but it will not be my last This is my first non QB football player book Trevor Wyatt is a former football player not the typical QB instead he s a WR Trevor s always had a thing for Julia JJ Fairchild When he was still active in the game, he constantly asked her out and she constantly said no Sensible, hardworking and conscientious, JJ is a reporter with a local newspaper and she always, always, always keeps her personal life separated from her business life that is until Trevor This was a pleasant story There re no great climatic car chases or killer stalkers and to Blake s credit she was still able to make this a good story about a boy, who happens to be famous, and a girl, who happens not to be famous, meeting and building a sustainable relationship JJ is one of the likable female characters I ve come across She s what I would consider the norm she s not rich, she s not overly beautiful instead she s smart, funny, has a loving family, a great group of friends and just a good...

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